Our Story

la real lana nació como un proyecto en búsqueda de texturas, diseño y materiales naturales. 

our origin is in graphic design and advertising, passion for photography and natural and ecological and sustainable origin materials and textures.

the path of search went through the fantastic encounter with super chunky merino wool texture and discover all its possibilities, feel that the wool wraps you and knit in a big way as pleasant way to create with your hands unique and beautiful pieces. 

Discovering chunky merino wool not spined marked a before and after in my journey as an entrepreneur. I liked knowing about the sustainable origins of the wool I work with and that wool offers a multitude of possibilities while being a calm and therapeutic experience that I recommend to everyone. All this has definitely marked    my decision to start this adventure. 

The merino wool we work with has been raised and manufactured through traditional and environmentally friendly processes. And that already had its own charm. At the same time, the idea of creating something that was 100% handmade was taking shape and thus the concept 

“The Real Wool” / “the Royal wool” was born: 

a small idea that has several meanings and is a play on words that connects with the versatility of wool and the different materials that are gradually being added: in the form of blankets, tapestries and other decorative pieces; of coats, theatre costumes… And now also recycled cotton, of eco origin that continues to give meaning to the brand. 


The contact with this natural material, full of qualities, is a pleasure: it connects you with the world of ancestral tradition and the countryside; and being able to turn it into decorative pieces that are at the same time comfortable, full of history and a soul of their own, is another great advantage that attracts us so much… 


And now that you know a little more About us, discover my designs of unique decorative pieces made to order, my materials for sale,… and do not hesitate to contact me to ask your questions, doubts or orders.

Welcome to La Real Lana